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The Consultant's Value in the Pitch Process

UBA and ACC conducted an extensive study on pitches in Belgium. One of the questions asked to the 62 agencies that responded to the survey was: "In case you participated in pitches managed by a consultant, what is the added value this pitch consultant had ?".

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In the competitive sphere of pitches, the role of a consultant transcends mere administration, becoming the cornerstone of success. The survey reveal that consultants are the guardians of the pitch process, adding integrity and fairness from start to finish through clear, impartial guidelines.

Navigating the Pitch Landscape

Consultants are at the forefront, ensuring the pitch process is equitable and transparent. Their expertise lies in crafting clear briefings, maintaining the integrity of the process, and ensuring all rules and expectations are well communicated.

Facilitating Clear Communication

A pitch's success heavily relies on mutual understanding. Consultants bridge the gap between clients and agencies, ensuring everyone is on the same page and addressing any knowledge gaps with essential information.

Strategising Agency Selection

Through a strategic lens, consultants refine the list of contenders, aligning agency capabilities with client needs to optimize the selection process.

Managing Expectations and Enhancing Feedback

A fair and transparent process is the consultants' USP: advocating for consistent briefings and valuable feedback for continuous improvement. One area for potential enhancement we identified is the provision of clear feedback to agencies, especially when not selected, to aid in learning and development

Professionalizing the Pitch Process

With a consultant's guidance, the pitch process is professionally managed, ensuring clarity, effective communication, and a transparent decision-making framework.

The insights underscore the consultant's critical role in ensuring a fair, transparent, and professionally managed pitch process, laying the groundwork for a productive partnership between clients and agencies. While their behind-the-scenes work may not always be immediately apparent, their impact is significant, instilling a sense of fairness, enhancing communication, and ultimately contributing to the selection of the best-fit agency for the client’s needs.

In the same survey ACC asked "Rate your experience with pitches without/with pitch consultants". Johan Vandepoel, CEO ACC, interprets the results: "Whereas pitches managed directly by clients receive an average score of 6,4/10 and are only considered positive by 36% of respondents, pitches managed by PitchPoint receive an average score of 7,1/10 and are considered positive to very positive by 65% of respondents. This underlines the positive impact that a Pitch Consultant with a genuine understanding of the marcom eco-system and a thorough knowledge of the Positive Pitch process can have."

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