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Easy ways to lose a pitch - Preparation is for fools

Marketeers are not looking for an agency. They are looking for a company that will help them with their needs.

Image: Dall•E

The needs are based on history, future ambition, internal changes in operational model, the balance between in- versus outsourcing, company culture, previous experiences with other agencies, market changes, the presence of other agencies in their roster already delivering part of the scope etc.

With the amount of information available today for just about anyone bothering to set some time aside, there is no excuse (none) to go into a pitch process blindly.

So, no: one size does not fit all. Marketeers can spot a ‘standard’ presentation or approach from a mile away.

Hooray! You just lost the pitch.

Here’s a tip: Show you’ve done a minimum of research on who they are. Not necessarily as a company. You will have too little information about them to drive home real points. But as a category, as a market, as a company with a customer segment you know better than anyone else, as a marketing team grappling with the constant changes and the pressure of competition on a daily basis.

No one expects you to be spot on in your thoughts. Everyone will appreciate the effort.

And if you really didn’t have time to prepare: drop the pitch. You have enough on your plate.

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