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Easy ways to lose a pitch - Wrong casting

Deciding who will be the team on the pitch process and, thus, become the face of the company is never taken lightly at the agency. Especially as prospects tend to demand to ‘see the team they will be working with’.

Image by Dalle•E

The team they will be working with on a daily basis is not necessarily the best team to hit the target and score the goal. You might have a brilliant, super talented creative person who’s just not comfortable presenting.

Or have identified the best account for the job but have forgotten to give him/her an meaningful role during the sessions (apart from presenting that one slide with the org chart – sigh)…

Yes, you gave them what they requested to see but just lost the pitch as the prospect was not convinced by the creative or found the account adding no value.

Every. Single. Time.

One way to possibly tackle this: Tell them upfront you brought the best people for THIS job as you have too much riding on this pitch. And tell them you will put together the final team together with them.

Once you won the pitch on the basis of overall agency chemistry and company culture fit. They will appreciate your transparency.

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