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Easy ways to lose a pitch - Inside Out

Yes. The prospect visits your agency to get a better feel of who you are, what you do, how you are organised, what your approach/philosophy is to marcom.

Image: Dall•E

It’s a pitch, so you need to stand out. Differentiate. Shine brighter then your competition to convince the prospect to choose YOU.

But the only criteria the advertiser is judging you by is how all that experience will be beneficial to THEM. To THEIR challenge. How all this fabulousity will add value to THEIR plans and planned deliverables.

Newsflash: the other agencies will also have great cases, or talented people, or strong visions on relevant topics.

Without a clear link between your promises and their reality, things rapidly become a great ‘So What?’ presentation… Not one that convinces them you are the best ‘match for them’.

Try a different vantage point next time you present yourself and think Outside IN. With every slide you prepare, ask yourself: what is in it for THEM.

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