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Create effective agency ecosystem

How do you ensure that different agencies work together in an efficient ecosystem?

The best ecosystem has little to do with the number of agencies it consists of but rather the extent to which these partners are still relevant to the changing needs of the business and whether or not they are complementary, rather than fighting for a bigger share of your budget.

In this video training, Anja De Landsheer gives you guidelines and a concrete plan of action around:

- Defining an ecosystem of agencies

- Evaluating and revisiting the current mix of agencies and its financial impact on the budget

- Redrawing a new ecosystem based on future needs and ambitions

- Developing an effective operating model between all stakeholders and implementing a relevant corporate governance plan.

This four-part series can be viewed via the UBA website (you don't need to be a UBA member to follow the training, but you do need to register and to login onto the UBA website).

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