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PRESS RELEASE: Mia Venken joins PitchPoint

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Tremelo, November 14, 2023 - PitchPoint, the facilitator for sustainable brand-agency relationships, is delighted to announce Mia Venken will be joining the team. With her background and proven expertise in the world of communication and marketing, Mia will make a significant contribution to the further growth and development of PitchPoint.

Mia Venken has built a rich career, most recently as COO at UBA Belgium, where she successfully doubled the membership and transformed the company into a customer-focused organization. Her previous success at De Standaard, where she won a Golden Effie, attests to her ability to understand the chemistry between brand and communication agency and make brands excel in the digital age.

At PitchPoint, Mia Venken will apply her strategic insights to assist advertisers and communication agencies to work together efficiently and effectively. Her experience and vision will be invaluable in guiding clients towards achieving sustainable growth.

"We are extremely excited to welcome Mia to the PitchPoint team," says Chris Van Roey, partner at PitchPoint. "Her in-depth knowledge and experience in the sector will help us to further carry out our mission and increase the value we deliver to brands and agencies."

"I am really looking forward to joining forces with PitchPoint and working together with Anja, Martine, and Chris," says Mia Venken. "It is inspiring to be part of a team that is passionate about building sustainable brand-agency relationships. With my experience at De Standaard and UBA, I hope to add a new dimension to PitchPoint's service and together lead our clients to new heights."

Mia's arrival comes at a time when PitchPoint is expanding its service offering and innovating further to meet the changing needs of the market. With Mia on board, PitchPoint looks forward to a new chapter of sustainable growth and success.

PitchPoint delivers an integrated service focused on optimizing the relationship between brands and their communication agencies. PitchPoint assists brands in selecting the agency that perfectly matches their specific requirements. The organization increases the impact of marketing budgets by forming strategic ecosystems that maximize ROI. Through expert advice on remuneration and contracts, PitchPoint establishes balanced win-win relationships with agencies. The finetuning of the operational model ensures that business goals can be achieved within an optimal framework of collaboration. Furthermore, with the COLLAB evaluation tool, PitchPoint lays the groundwork for strong, effective, and sustainable relationships between brands and their agencies.


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