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Mortierbrigade and Fantastic selected for bpost and bpostgroup branding

After a competition overseen by PitchPoint, where the communication budgets of the brands bpost and bpostgroup were at stake, mortierbrigade was chosen as the lead agency. In a parallel process, Fantastic was selected as the permanent partner for employer branding.

Image created by DALL•E

The two agencies from the 62MILES group will manage the branding process for bpost and bpostgroup both in Belgium and internationally.

Karoline Dewinkeler, head of group brand & corporate communication at bpostgroup, stated, "The emotion and magic in mortierbrigade's proposal struck a chord with our team. We look forward to working together on future challenges in the field of parcel and omni-commerce logistics."

"Fantastic challenged us in a constructive and well-founded manner, clearly demonstrating their expertise to help us strengthen our employer brand," added Lies Van Dingenen, senior employer branding project manager at bpost.

"The potential of bpostgroup is enormous," concluded Vincent d'Halluin, strategic director & partner at mortierbrigade. "We are very proud to build a brand-new long-term story together, giving bpost and bpostgroup the brand image they deserve."

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