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Is your formal agency evaluation really useful?

Anja De Landsheer

As a marketeer, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the relationship you have with your agency(ies) is an important aspect of your scope. In a world of faster/better/cheaper, managing and maximising the alignment and collaboration between all parties has become part and parcel of a drive for greater value for money.

At PitchPoint we believe that transparency in the relationship between agencies and marketeers is the foundation for long term success and a well-structured, formal approach to measuring the state of that relationship is crucial to ensure continued impact.

PitchPoint’s COLLAB® is a platform that provides advertisers with the necessary tools to create in-depth evaluations. Our 10+ year experience in optimizing agency-brand relationships enabled us to develop a unique assessment methodology.

Parameters to be scored are centred around 3 key areas: Competencies, Process and Attitude

The evaluation can be activated

  • One-way where Advertiser evaluates Agency

  • Two—way between Advertiser and Agency

  • Two-way including a self-evaluation done by Advertiser and Agency

To ensure the results of the evaluation are seen within the proper context, and the most relevant improvement initiatives are chosen and activated, a formal workshop will be organised and moderated between the stakeholders.

The outcome will include clear and actionable information geared towards identifying the potential stumbling blocks and maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of the relationship.

How are you measuring and maximising your relationship? Does your way of working add value or has it become a mandatory yearly chore?

Contact us to see how PitchPoint COLLAB® can add value to your evaluation model and help create a successful approach.

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