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Easy ways to lose a pitch – Loving the sound of your own voice

Knowledge is Power.

Knowledge is Power.

More often than not, Q&A is seen as a session that is part of the pitch process. Or a slide at the end of the presentation during the agency visit or the final pitch meeting.

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Rarely is the time given by a prospect for a presentation, seen as an opportunity for interaction. It’s used entirely to ‘Show & Tell’ with many agencies proudly announcing at the end that ‘they made it in time! fist bump’.

Zero interaction. Zero feedback you might have countered on the spot. Zero insights in what criteria will make you win the pitch and how YOU are doing so far.

Here’s a potentially different way to look at creating a meaningful interaction with each one of the people around the table: Reduce the time you have been given for your session by half to tell your side of the story.

Use the other half to ask them what they believe is interesting for THEM in the approach you just showed. Check with them what would make the concept you just presented more relevant for THEM. Let them give you an on the spot likeability score for your strategic insights. Dare to ask questions every step of the way and check the temperature in the room. It exposes you to criticism but at least you will be able to tackle it together and redirect if needed. It’s what partners do.

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