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Online Performance Assessment Tool


Collaboration is crucial for success in the business world. However, working with different teams can be challenging, especially when it comes to coordinating ideas and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

That's where COLLAB from PitchPoint comes in. COLLAB is an evaluation tool designed to simplify the process of evaluating the relation between agencies and brands. It is a powerful analytics and reporting tool to help you gain insights into your team's performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. COLLAB generates the right ‘conversations’ and identifies the need for corrections on client and agency side.

COLLAB from PitchPoint can help you streamline the evaluation process and get better results. Sign up for COLLAB from PitchPoint today and take your evaluation process to the next level.


3 key dimensions make a relationship performant and long lasting:

  • EXPERTISE: parameters linked to competence & skills needed for an effective relationship

  • PROCESS: parameters linked to the efficiency of the relationship

  • ATTITUDE: parameters linked to the overall chemistry and value alignment

A relationship involves 2 parties. Although the COLLAB tool can be activated one way (Standard 90° agency evaluation), preference goes to a mutual evaluation to understand both partners’ perspective (Mutual 180° evaluation). The COLLAB tool can also be activated to add a self-evaluation from each party in order to gather greater insights and context (360° evaluation).



•    Online survey with 30 questions (10 parameters for each dimension: Expertise, Process, Attitude)

•    Survey link given to a list of team members chosen by Agency/Client

•    The survey takes 15-20 min to complete (including adding verbatims if/when needed)


•    Results are available 1 week after the survey closes, with overall, per dimension and per question data and verbatim comments

•    Issues affecting collaboration & alignment are highlighted


In case the evaluation highlights issues or frictions between a client and an agency, PitchPoint offers to moderate a workshop with key stakeholders to:

•    discuss results in all transparency and fairness

•    craft the action plan for performance improvement 

•    set clear goals and rules of engagement between both parties

Before the workshop, PitchPoint interviews 3 key stakeholders from each party to gather additional insights, used during the workshop for clearer context.

Client has the opportunity to identify its’ 3 key parameters out of the 30 to highlight additional importance and focus

These steps take 4 weeks from start to finish. It is advised to repeat this cycle 2 times per year to track progress.

The neutral position and expertise of PitchPoint as a moderator guarantees a fully transparent and constructive approach for both parties. 



Detailed scores on all questions


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