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Agency evaluation: Service


Create durable relationships


Stronger relationships between advertiser and agency lead to better work and increase the impact of the marketing budget.

Yet only 1/3 of Belgian advertisers evaluate their agencies regularly and in a structured manner.

The PitchPoint COLLAB-tool gives advertisers and their agencies an in-depth and relevant survey platform to measure the state of the relationship, identify potential frustration upfront and craft action plans for improvement fast.

Our objective is to create a long term partnership that will drive brand and business growth



  • Relevant: Based on PitchPoint’s unique experience, all questions in the survey have been carefully crafted to evaluate the 3 most important dimensions of the relationship: Expertise, Process, Attitude

  • Actionable: The COLLAB-tool ensures survey results lead to concrete action plans for improvement and extend your relationship

  • Flexible: The survey can be anything from one-dimensional (advertiser evaluates agency) to full 360 including a self-evaluation for both parties



1. Set Up Online Survey

Decide on the extend of the survey (90° <-> 360°) and invite stakeholders to fill out the online survey of 30 questions

5. Keep Momentum

Measure improvement through activation of the COLLAB-tool 1 year later

2. Interview Stakeholders

One-on-one interview of key stakeholders to contextualise the given scores and gain a better insight

3. Presentation Workshop

Presentation & moderation of discussion with stakeholders followed by action plan workshop to define and align on ways of improvemen

4. Action Plan Follow Up

Detail out the first draft action plans from the workshop and ensure proper timelines, KPIS and clear consequences in case of non-improvement

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