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PRESS RELEASE: COLLAB is now also being used in the Netherlands

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Utrecht (NL) - Tremelo (BE), November 16, 2023 - 3MO, an integrated marketing, communication, and media consultancy, announced the Dutch launch of 3MO COLLAB – a client-agency evaluation tool developed by PitchPoint in Belgium. During a recent meeting in Utrecht, 3MO COLLAB was presented to a group of thirty companies in the Netherlands. The new tool was received with great enthusiasm and interest.

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A Significant Step for 3MO

This development marks a significant milestone for 3MO in their mission to maximize the effectiveness of marketing, communication, and media. Solid client-agency relationships are a crucial building block for this purpose. "The implementation of COLLAB is a game-changer for the Dutch market," stated Huib Bouma, partner at 3MO. "It enables us to elevate the collaboration between brands and agencies to a new level, with a focus on transparency, strategic alignment, and mutual growth."

Success in Belgium as a Springboard

The decision to roll out COLLAB in the Netherlands follows an impressive track record in Belgium, where around 200 COLLAB studies have been conducted and relationships have been strengthened. This solid foundation lays the groundwork for success in the Dutch market and provides a blueprint for future international expansion.

"This is a first, yet decisive step onto the international stage for PitchPoint. The deployment of COLLAB in the Netherlands will set a standard for how brands and communication agencies work together and grow together," says Chris Van Roey, partner at PitchPoint.

COLLAB: Insights and Improvement

Traditional evaluation methods can often be time-consuming and subjective, and not always aligned with the unique dynamics of a client-agency relationship. COLLAB distinguishes itself by employing a systematic approach with a set of 30 essential questions, divided across three key categories: Expertise, Process, and Attitude. This allows for a sharp analysis focused on actual improvement points and is complementary to regular and transparent feedback. Moreover, the COLLAB evaluation methodology is explicitly mutual, making differences in the perceived quality of the collaboration between the agency and client clearly visible and addressable.

The ultimate goal of COLLAB is to create long-lasting relationships that drive brand and business growth. By focusing on clear communication, constructive feedback, and shared objectives, COLLAB builds the foundations for successful collaborations that can withstand the test of time.

About 3MO

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, 3MO offers advertisers independent expertise in organizing, directing, and optimizing marketing, communication, and media investments and operations. An important part of their service is optimizing the collaboration between brands and agencies. 3MO is known for its absolute independence, high level of expertise, and attention to building sustainable agency relationships for client success.

About PitchPoint

PitchPoint delivers an integrated service aimed at optimizing the relationship between brands and their communication agencies. PitchPoint assists brands in selecting the agency that perfectly fits their specific requirements and enhances the impact of marketing budgets by forming strategic ecosystems that maximize ROI. Through expert advice on remuneration and contracts, PitchPoint establishes balanced win-win relationships with agencies. The refinement of the operational model ensures that business goals can be met within an optimal collaboration framework. Additionally, with the COLLAB evaluation tool, PitchPoint lays the foundation for strong, effective, and enduring relationships between brands and their agencies.

Contact Information:

For more information, please contact:

PitchPoint, Chris Van Roey,, +32-495-557-150

3MO, Huib Bouma,, +31-610944103


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