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PitchPoint Launches Free Quick Test to Evaluate Agency Collaboration

Updated: Jul 3

PitchPoint is excited to announce the launch of a new free quick test that helps brands assess and improve their collaboration with agencies.

In just a few minutes, brands can answer 10 targeted questions and receive a personalized report with their agency collaboration score. This quick test is a powerful tool to discover how well you work with your agency and unlock the full potential of your partnership.

Recent research from the Lions State of Creativity 2024 shows that companies with strong, smooth relationships with their agencies predict 4.6 times better growth in 2024 compared to companies with weaker relationships. Understanding and improving agency collaboration is essential for achieving such growth.

With PitchPoint’s quick test, brands can gain valuable insights into their agency relationships and identify areas for improvement. The personalized report offers initial insights to enhance collaboration and achieve optimal results. For a more in-depth analysis, PitchPoint offers the evaluation tool COLLAB, which has become a standard in the Belgian market.

This quick test is a free offering from PitchPoint, reflecting our commitment to helping businesses and agencies reach their full potential through better collaboration. The launch of this test underscores the importance of strong agency relationships and provides a practical, accessible way for businesses to evaluate and improve their collaborations.

To take the free quick test, visit

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