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Is the collaboration between your creative agency and your media agency driving synergies?

Martine Ballegeer

Most of the advertisers today have one or more creative agencies and a media agency. Today on- and offline touchpoints are extremely diverse and the choice which touchpoint to add to your action plan, is more and more data driven and needs to be optimised constantly. The always-on campaigning is definitely part of an effective communication approach and demands very close follow-up and constant adaptations based on real-time results.  In the old way of working, the creative agency created the ad, handed it over, and the media agency would "deliver" it. Or, the media agency would develop a strategy, a media plan, and ask the creative agency to develop "ads" to fill in those blanks.  Today, successful collaborations start with a shared briefing session – where both agencies (or departments) are briefed together. With programmatic in place, analysis, planning and creative need to work closely together to maximise the true potential of the approach. Insights from data driving the holistic campaign process – including media and creative – is allowing for brands to have relevant, customized, targeted campaigns, and that's a whole new way of working  But collaboration between both creative and media don’t come naturally. The remuneration models are very different and not always in line with the objective of the brand. The advertiser asks its agencies to ‘play nice’ and work together but without clear processes on how to do so, nothing will really happen leading to frustrations for all parties involved  Media agencies tend to start creative departments in-house allowing them to skip the collaboration pain. Making it even more difficult to collaborate with your creative agency because it became a competitor.  Creative agencies expand their services by hiring touchpoint specialists and data scientists. They create the media strategy and leave only planning and buying paid media to the media agency.  How can you best obtain the results you want and use the agencies at their best.  PitchPoint helps you set up an effective collaboration through a 3-step process:

  1. assess actual scope of the agencies and processes

  2. draft a clear operational and remuneration model

  3. implement this governance model in a pragmatic and result oriented manner in your organization

Contact us (martine_at_pitchpoint_dot_be) for an assessment at your company.

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