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Easy ways to lose a pitch - Cases where ROI goes MIA

The choice of the most relevant cases to show is crucial to convince marketeers of your performance level. It’s the proof of the pudding so to speak. The real deliverables of all the fabulous slides you have shown so far.

Image: Dall•E

The great cases start with an outline of the marcom problem that needed to be tackled – preferably a similar one the prospect might be facing, if you want to win. They move on to show the thinking that took place to get to the real issue and lead to a solution driven by a relevant human insight. The creative translation of all that is displayed in all it grandeur and then… Nothing. No results. Or (worse) results that are not linked to the initial issue.

This is the moment the prospect starts hyperventilating ever so slightly. Because he/she knows they will have to justify EVERY SINGLE EURO investment to the higher ups.

Just saying ‘Sure! It was a successful campaign. Lots of people liked it.’ doesn’t cut it.

For the more mature ad people reading this: I know. Gone are the days where marketeers regularly tracked AND shared relevant KPIs they imposed in the first place.

If throwing a tantrum and telling them (justifiably so) you ‘will not accept a briefing without any clear & measurable KPIs’ doesn’t work: here’s a tip. Reframe the KPIs into something interesting for the prospect at this stage. Go beyond the usual. Proof how this campaign/project was Faster/Better/Cheaper – pick and choose.

Oh. And never close a case with ‘the results are not in yet but it looks promising’. Everybody knows those ‘results’ will never come.

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