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A transparent, responsible and fair agency selection procedure

Chris Van Roey

UBA, ACC and UMA published -with the support of PitchPoint and fma- a new charter for agency pitches. It became a balanced document with rules for clients and for agencies. The charter is valid for a range of partners, including creative agencies, media agencies, event agencies, etc.

The entry point of the charter is that the procedure to select an agency must be transparent, responsible and fair:

Transparent: clients and agencies commit to providing each other, at any stage of the tender procedure, with access to all information necessary to ensure that all parties are treated equally;

Responsible: clients and agencies participate in the tender process responsibly, considering the implications and the costs that this process entails for both parties;

Fair: clients and agencies commit to ensuring the tendering process is conducted fairly.

These recommendations save clients and agencies time and money while allowing the best results to be achieved. The guidelines are simple, logical and formulated in such a way that they benefit all parties.

The charter can be downloaded here in Dutch, French and English.

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