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Agency selection: Diensten

Find the right agency profile for your requirements


Find the right agency profile for your requirements


In a market where new agencies are formed, agencies are merged/acquired and networks consolidate at the speed of light, keeping up-to-date with the everchanging agency landscape can be hard.

Our structured approach is tailored to your needs, reduces risk and maximises the value of your new agency hire.

PitchPoint’s in-depth and current market insights guarantee a more efficient selection process.Our process ensures all internal stakeholders are on board with the initial needs analysis and final choice of agency.


  • Extensive experience: we have been successfully guiding more than 300 clients in the search for their most relevant agency partner 

  • Neutral: we do not receive any payments from agencies for business related to advertisers to ensure 100% neutral advice 

  • Up to date: we visit 2 agencies a week to keep in touch with the market evolutions and ensure we have the most recent and most honest information available 

  • Multi-disciplinary: our database contains more than 300 agencies and consists of a mix of full service and specialised agencies (PR, Digital, Social,…) in order to propose the most relevant partners for your needs

  • Collaboration: with fma for media selection process

  • Accelerator: leave the operational tasks of the selection process to us so that you can continue to concentrate on your daily business


1. Needs Analysis

Extensive needs analysis (including insights into your existing agency ecosystem) to ensure the search criteria are in line with the future needs of your company

5. Contract & Remuneration

Crafting of the most effective remuneration system and activation of the PitchPoint’s COMPARE tool for benchmarking to support potential negotiation

2. Long List

Based on the needs analysis, the data available in the PitchPod database and personal contact with the agencies, a longlist will be presented and discussed

6. Handover

Guide and plan the transfer of all important assets from the old to the new agency to ensure business continuity and fast onboarding 

3. Agency Visit

& Shortlist

LIVE visit of a selection of longlist agencies for formal credentials presentation and chemistry meeting in order to proceed to final shortlist

4. Final Selection

Final round of interaction, workshop or presentation by shortlisted agencies, based on briefing validated by PitchPoint, and selection winning agency

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