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Agency positioning: Diensten


Increase your chances to make a pitch longlist!


In a sea of often similar agency credentials and promises, it can become daunting and confusing for advertisers looking for an agency to zoom into the most relevant potential partners.

From first-hand experience, we know that the sharper an agency’s positioning and USP the more chances it has to stand out from the crowd and become part of an advertiser’s consideration set.

PitchPoint helps you finetune your agency proposition, craft a clear USP and a set of relevant RTBs that will increase your success rate in winning new business.



  • Unique perspective: Having worked closely with most of the leading agencies and experts in the market, we have a complete view on your competitive landscape

  • Relevance: We actively engage with + 100 advertisers a year from various industries and understand their needs, expectations, ambitions at a deeper level

  • Pragmatic: Our approach is geared towards a clear and actionable outcome



1. Client Interviews

Interview with list of chosen clients to better understand the strengths of the agency

5. Check-Up

PitchPoint revisits the agency after a couple of months to give final feedback on the finetuned agency positioning

2. Presentation

Trends & Insights

Half day session to present all relevant trends and their translations into local market/advertiser insights. First fuel for thoughts

3. Homework

Based on PitchPoint template and filled out by key stakeholders at the agency

4. Workshop

Full day interactive session based on proven PitchPoint model to sharpen the positioning, USP and RTBs.

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