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Agency remuneration & contract: Diensten


Create win-win relationships


“How much should we pay?” is a standard question PitchPoint receives from advertisers.

The real questions are:

  • Do you get value for money?

  • Is your remuneration fair, balanced, future-proof and stimulating?

PitchPoint guides advertisers in setting up the most effective remuneration model and creating mutually agreed rules of engagement in the contract.

Our COMPARE benchmark database contains financial details of the most commonly used agencies and will give insights about market rates.

This tool will help you  evaluate if your remuneration is fair for both parties involved.

Use our free tool "Remuneration Quickscan" and get a free, no-obligation advice on how to pay your agency (exclusive for advertisers).



  • COMPARE benchmark: Our financial benchmark contains details that go beyond hourly rates and give further insights linked to more relevant parameters such as scope, coordination, strategic input…

  • Up-to-date: our database is updated with every project and does not stretch beyond the last 3 years to keep its content relevant

  • Extensive experience: We have a portfolio of proven models from performance based to rate card based and can customise one based on your needs

  • Segmented: the benchmark contains information about a variety of types of agencies (size, expertise) to ensure the right type of comparison is made


1. Create remuneration model

Extensive needs analysis to better understand the company’s ambitions and way of working to guide in the  choice of the most relevant type of remuneration model

5. Refine Contract

Add rules of engagement based on the chosen remuneration model and terms & conditions

2. Define Financial Question

Create detailed template for agencies’ financial proposals in order to audit comparable numbers

3. COMPARE Benchmark

Use COMPARE-tool to evaluate agencies’ proposed fees and hourly rates to market standard

4. Coach Negotiations

Guide advertiser in setting the parameters for negotiation

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