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Improve the effectiveness of your relationships


Stronger relationships between advertiser and agency lead to better work and increase the impact of the marketing budget.

At PitchPoint we have extensive experience in customizing effective ways of working that will suit your specific needs. 

We will help you identify your opportunity gaps and craft made-to-measure process flows and platforms that will maximise the output of your agency partnership(s). 

This will considerably minimise the areas of frustrations for a successful long term relationship.



  • Tailormade: We analyse your own internal way of working in order to craft an operational model that fits your reality

  • Actionable: Our deep understanding of what drives agency effectiveness will help in crafting the most impactful and pragmatic operational model between both parties

  • Outcome-driven: Our mantra of Better-Cheaper-Faster will ensure the model remains focused on the right goals

  • Comprehensive Competence: Our career backgrounds cover extensive experience in both the agency and the marcom world



1. Inventory

Current Model

Map out the current process flows, roles & responsibilities, reporting lines and collaboration platforms at the advertiser’s

5. Draft Agency Model

Based on the final internal operational model, the way of working with the agency will be drafted and implemented

2. Impact Assessment

Stakeholder interviews to Identify possible opportunity gaps currently limiting a better integration of the internal marcom departments

3. Finetune

Internal Model

Workshops with key stakeholders to decide and align on improvements, based on a first draft of an adapted operational model.  Focused on creating a higher level of brand consistency – coherency – continuity

4. Action Plan

Create and coordinate the identified improvement initiatives


Agency operational model: Service
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