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Agency ecosystems: Diensten


Increase the impact of your marketing budget


PitchPoint helps advertisers to consolidate or adapt their agency ecosystem in order to create higher relevance and greater impact of the marketing budget.

The rising complexity of the communication landscape, has driven most advertisers to work with a mix of agencies.

The question is not “How many agencies do I need?”, even though our mantra is “As little as possible, as much as needed”…


The real questions to ask are:

  • Are the agencies in your roster still relevant to your changing needs?

  • Is the mix increasing the impact of your marketing budget or do you find yourself with duplications of costs, manhours and a general fragmentation of your budget?

  • Are the agencies competencies complimentary or are they fighting for a bigger piece of your budget?

  • Is your team managing the roster or are they running from one alignment meeting to another to ensure brand and message coherency?



  • Extensive experience: we have been guiding clients since 2008 in creating the most effective agency portfolios and know the pitfalls and best practices for success

  • Neutral: we focus on the company’s needs and are not influenced by any historical or existing relationships that might influence opinions  

  • Up-to-date: our database contains more than 200 agencies we are in regular contact with, which gives us a unique insight into each agency’s most recent SWOT


1. Needs Analysis

Extensive needs analysis to understand the company’s ambitions and future plans in order to craft a relevant overview of needed expertise & competencies

5. Transition Plan

Based on an evaluation of existing contracts and ease of transfer: creation of a phased plan to transition from the old to the new agency ecosystem

2. Audit

Audit of the current agencies and their respective scope & budgets to map out and financially quantify duplications and identify existing gaps of expertise

6. Maximise Performance

Design the most effective way of working to maximise the performance of the new ecosystem

3. Agency Evaluation

Use online COLLAB-tool for an in-depth and relevant evaluation of the existing relationship between the advertiser’s team and the respective agencies

4. Create Optimal Roster

Consolidation of all elements in combination with PitchPoint’s agency knowledge to create a new ecosystem

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