Agency Rule #1 - Choose your battles

July 24, 2017


Know when to say "no". Do not go for all pitches that are organized or that you are invited to participate in. Only pitch if the needs of the advertiser match with the positioning and strengths of your agency. Make sure the client is the right fit for your agency. Check the chemistry. New business is about winning. Make sure you have a good chance to win. If you don’t match perfectly with the client, another agency certainly will. Tenders require a lot of time and effort from everyone involved. Losing is demoralising for your team. Successful agencies decide which brands they want to work for. Develop clear criteria for deciding whether to participate in a pitch or not. And use these as a strict guideline to choose your battles.


PitchPoint has guided over 150 agency selections across industries and service categories. Based on these experiences we created 10 golden rules for agencies when pitching.


Tomorow agency rule #2. Stay tuned!


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