PitchPoint has guided over 150 pitches across industries and service categories. We are in regular and close contact with the very best agencies across Belgium and have a finger on the pulse of the market like no other company.

Creating the Long list

Our extensive agency database is regularly updated, making it possible to efficiently activate a first-round selection of potential candidates, based on your initial scope of needs.

Agency selection

Over the years PitchPoint has guided over 150 advertisers in short-listing and selecting the most appropriate communication agency for their needs across all disciplines. A well-tested and streamlined process, combined with extensive market experience, guarantees an efficient approach of this crucial process of selecting the most appropriate agency partner.

Remuneration and contract

Discussions around a fair remuneration model and a rational pricing structure can become quite complex, depending on the roles and responsibilities of the newly appointed agency, and within a given marketing budget. Setting up mutually agreed rules of engagement at the start of a contract ensures the long-term health of the client-agency partnership. The vast experience of PitchPoint’s partners brings to the table a unique perspective on the workings of both advertisers and agencies delivering a win-win solution for all stakeholders.


When advertisers move agencies, it is critical to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to minimize its impact on the business. PitchPoint helps you list out all the details and crucial milestones of the handover process, providing a clear roadmap for accelerating the on boarding of the new agency as well as smoothing any points of friction with the old agency.



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