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We believe that great partnerships lead to great work, and great work drives great business results, for both advertisers and agencies. In PitchPoint’s experience, there is no ‘one perfect’ way of working; there is no ‘formula’ for successful partnerships. We have, however, perfected a way to understand your needs at a specific point in time within the limitations of your existing team structure. PitchPoint exists to help create long-lasting and successful partnerships between advertisers and their agencies.


‘100-days’ – Operational structure

Starting a new partnership is the perfect opportunity for an advertiser to take a step back and pause for self-evaluation. As they say: it takes two to tango. Acknowledging the frustrations of the past relationship and reassessing internal structures and processes that can be modified and improved to minimize these issues can provide a much stronger foundation for the relationship with your new communications partner.

At PitchPoint we have extensive experience in customizing effective ways of working that will suit your specific needs. We will help you identify your opportunity gaps and craft made-to-measure process flows and platforms that will maximise the output of the new agency partnership. This will considerably minimise the areas of frustrations for a successful long term relationship.


Agency Induction Program

A well-organized on boarding process will allow the new agency to be fully operational quickly, minimizing the impact of the change on your business.

PitchPoint has the skills and experience to prepare appropriate materials and run the agency induction program (usually a full day workshop). This program goes beyond the usual brand review and uses this platform to help co-create tailor-made tools that will help you, the advertiser, better communicate your needs and expectations with your agency partner from the very start of the relationship.