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PitchPoint offers a wide range of assessment services that will help you to draw a complete and clear overview of a current situation. As a consultancy, we can offer a fresh and unbiased perspective in our audits: The purpose is to build a solid foundation for effective future decision-making.

Agency evaluation

Collaborative partnerships lead to great work, and regular, transparent feedback is the foundation of every productive partnership. PitchPoint sets up and moderates annual advertiser-agency evaluations. We help identify potential 'watch outs' and weaknesses and help guide  partnerships towards realistic action plans that continuously build towards business success.

If this is the kind of dynamic partnership that you are seeking then let’s connect. 

Remuneration evaluation

One of the most pivotal conversations between a client and agency is driven by the need for open and transparent discussions regarding financials. Topics such as market standard practises, reasonably priced value for money services, and the optimal mix of profiles required to deliver against a certain scope of work are essential to a mutually beneficial partnership. For the past decade, PitchPoint has helped assess and draft remuneration models that guarantee fair and transparent transactions for both advertisers and agencies. Good financial practices make for good friends.

Audit of agency ecosystem / agency roster

With the increasing fragmentation of communication touch points and the complexity of effective consumer engagement, advertisers often find themselves with an ecosystem of specialist agencies. Based on its philosophy of "as little as possible, as much as needed”, PitchPoint offers a clear and effective process to guide you in streamlining your roster and clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each agency within the marketing mix. 

Audit of operational structure

An unbiased evaluation of your business operations, whether they are internal or related to your agency partners, allows you to quickly identify broken bridges, leaky buckets, job duplications or unnecessary expenditures. These are some of the areas of inefficiencies that we can help you identify as an independent and neutral third party. Once there is clarity on the changes required to improve operational efficiency, working out solutions that will maximize synergies within the organization and increase employee and agency satisfaction levels will quickly be visible through marked improvements in business results.